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2022-03-11 Review - The Hyperions - another movie falling for feminist memes

Spoiler alert! After this you might know who's good, who's evil and who'll survive.

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Who would have thought the Daily Wire being in the business of pushing feminist memes. I certainly don't.

That's why I set up a VPN, no not that one so famously advertised by the hosts of the network and waited til 2.30 in the morning to then wait again. Then watch all Hyperions trailer. Then endure a conversation that became boring the moment the first word was uttered. Then listening to Jeremy Boreing explaining that the Daily Wire is expanding in entertainment business to, I put it in my words, have good entertainment without trampling on cherished values. I would have valued that and maybe cherished too.

Just to then watch a movie in which every man is a caricature example of what feminists imagine as toxic masculinity.

Some have compared "The Hyperions" with "The Umbrella Academy" (2019), which, for better or worse, I'm not familiar with. But I watched episodes of "The Boys" (2019). A simple formula would be, there the male characters are the evil ones in "The Hyperions" they are the stupid ones. Last time I checked "Dr. Who" was running down the very same road. I'm not particulary fond of accidents so I stopped watching this one.

For "The Hyperions" I was in hope for a twisted end of some kind. But, sorry for the borrowed phrase, wrong I was.

So what have we got?

The least important, Apollo, one could say he is only there to be a joke, but then, this is true for all men in this motion picture. As Hyperion he proofs himself being a total failure by fogetting to activate his super power and so got himself shot. He is rescued by his female supervisor Maya who completes the mission single handedly and takes him to a hospital. In one scene the french speaking nurse warns him that she'll pull his catheter on the count of three, sorry trois. He shrugs and confesses that he does not understand. She counts... I guess men just never listen.

Ares, the evil guy, evenly unimportant, an unwillingly retired hyperion, bags Maya to get his Badge back. He shows her his stamp collection to impress. Just kidding, it is a file with his accomplishments mainly him saving the environment. Later it is discovered that he already kidnapped the daughter of a former female hyperion member to pressure her in stealing the badges. Her being one of the main characters Vista and in short this is the plot idea.

The accomplice of Vista, Ansel, also a former hyperion, is a nice guy with no clue whatsoever just helping his beloved sister, in which he failes and also desperately wanting his badge back.

Captain Woodcock is in charge of getting control of the whole situation with lesser clue on it then Ansel. Having failed previously, he is desperate on the prospect of loosing his police badge. The only senseful action he takes is carrying out Mayas instructions.

Two of Vista's and Ansel's hostages, which they holding to get the badges, to give them to Ares, to get Vistas daughter free, are also male and also unimportant. One, Dr. Charles, is after being attacked complaining about his shirt ignoring the danger of the situation. The other one Olly Pinkletter gives the retarded nice fatty trying to be helpful to his captors by throwing shoes after cameras, which we learn, are just fake. He reminds my heavily of the security guard Ian in Trollied (2011-18).

And then there is Professor Mandulbaum. Who, on one time in his life, invented a procedure to make a human being develop a super power. The badges, all the hubbub is about, are needed to activate it. The Professor does mostly two things.

One is trying to be the all knowing, all forgiving dad (Actually foster dad, the hyperions are, as I understand it, orphans) without showing any real love for the human being that is the hyperion.

The other is being concerned with the image of his work in the public eye. Which leads to dismissing him hyperions on advice of his public relation staff, lead by a woman. He even obliged her retracting the shelter he offered Ansel after dumping him as hyperion. The women are always in control in this world.

So we've got the childish man, Apollo, helpless without a woman.

We've got the man who becomes violent, not getting what he wants, who doesn't even stop mistreading children and being desperate having lost his power. That is Ares.

Another one that is desperate having lost his power and helpless without a woman would be Ansel.

One that is in fear of loosing his power and additionally lost without a woman, Captain Woodcock.

Two men who are just lost, even with a woman in control, Dr. Charles and Olly Pinkletter.

And at last, the over bearing father, the man who is unable to express his feelings, trying to gain status by exploiding children and women, Professor Mandulbaum.

In comparison we see two women trying to solve a crises they find themself thrown in by the actions of their companions and adversaries. One Maya always being the considerate and compassionate big sister, substitute for the mother. The other one Vista matured by her motherhood acknowledging her own failings as child.

If you want a good film with a feminist view go for Mike Leighs "Hard Labour" from 1973. If your in for a bad one, there is always "The Last Woman" from 1976 by Marco Ferreri, at least there is a naked Ornella Muti, but be warned Gérard Depardieu will be too. But skip this one.

So what are they all doing in the end? Shouting, shooting, dying, being silly and yes happy ending. It's an american movie, what did you expect?

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